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Learn the philosophy behind our innovative approach to producing quality recordings of acoustic instrumental and choral music that sets us apart from other studios.

Why Us

Knowledge & Experience

Recording studios are everywhere. But one would be hard pressed to find an engineer in those studios who has had real-life experience working with ensembles containing instruments NOT found in a rock band. To truly capture the sonic essence of an acoustic ensemble, the engineers must understand the kind of sound that ensemble is striving for. The truth of the matter is that most recording engineers come from a rock or pop background. While there's nothing wrong with that, it is apparent they lack the exposure and understanding of the sounds of acoustic groups. At High Note Studios, we were all professionally-trained acoustic instrumentalists and/or vocalists before we were engineers. That is what makes us so unique and better qualified than most engineers with more hours behind the equipment when it comes to "classic" instrumental and choral music.

Our Quality Acoustic Recordings Start with
Knowledge and Experience in the Acoustic Music World

Innovative Technique

Nowadays, any local garage-band can produce recordings at even semi-pro quality levels. Yet nearly all recordings of even professional acoustic ensembles are still recorded with only two mics. This makes recordings quite dull since they lack a true representation of the sonic picture painted by the musicians. High Note Studios was started so the acoustic music community could have recordings that did justice to their musical efforts. We do this using multitrack recording. While we also use a pair of mics in the room, we also use many other microphones on separate channels so that many options are available when mixing the performance. We truly bring the recording session to you, in the venue of your choice, to not only capture the feel of the room but the true nature of the intended ensemble sound as well by using the wide variety of tools at our disposal.

Replicating Acoustic Sonic Images Requires
Using Advanced and Innovative Recording Methods


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